Danish Translation Services

Danish Translation Services

Our Danish translation service is known for its precision, accuracy and speed in delivery. Mars Translation linguists are experts in the translation, adaptation, revision and publication of texts in Danish any format you need. Mars Translation Danish translation team offers decades and millions of words translated since 1997. Work for multinational corporations, small and medium-sized companies in various fields: technical, marketing, legal, finance, pharmaceutical / medical, etc.

Translations into Danish – European translation EN15038 standard
Mars Translation is committed to

the Danish translation will be delivered in the same format provided by us or in the format most convenient for you: docx, xls, software, WordPress, help files…
We will work to save you time with the help of powerful filters and translation technology;
you will receive a fully accurate, reliable translation into Danish and list to be distributed on the web or printed on paper;
you will not need to review or check our translation into Danish.
As the European standard EN15038 certified translation company, Mars Translation offers a total transparency and traceability in all its processes and translations into Danish. We do not cut quality, cut work time and manual processes: no matter if you need a translation into Danish, ten or one hundred, you will always receive a continuous attention and translations into Danish of high quality in every project.

Services of translation of Spanish to the Danish

At Mars Translation you will find a professional and experienced team in the translation, revision and adaptation of texts in the format you need for your translations into Danish. Our team has accumulated years of experience in the Spanish translation into Danish. The Danish team Mars Translation LLC is tanned when it comes to translations into Danish. If you are looking for material that has to be translated from English, Spanish, French, German or another language, we can also help you. We are accustomed to handling formats and difficult materials, including marketing material, contained web, texts for brochures and more. Our goal is to translate accurately, but fulfilling deadlines to produce a quick response to a competitive price.

Mars Translation has also translated millions of words between English, Spanish, French, Japanese and German, among other languages, for companies and multinationals from around the world. Our experience in multilingual translation and large-scale projects provides us a unique experience which ensure rapid translation services at a competitive price.

Danish translation services to the Spanish

Only a translator professional selected and approved by Mars Translation whose language native is the Spanish and have a great fluency in Danish acquired through studies, experience in translation and stays in Denmark can lend their services of translation for Pangeanic. Each translator from Danish to Spanish is selected through a strict process of selection in which the experience previous demonstrable is verified.

Technology of translation for quality translations into Danish

In terms of our terminology management and translation, we use cutting-edge tools to create databases and ensure that you do not again pay the translation of the same sentence twice. Rely on the practice of our internal staff and the selection of the best Danish language linguists and other languages to which its publications are read in Danish as if it were a version originally written in Danish. Our arsenal of tools of translation us allows you to manage the precision terminology, checks postraduccion for warranty of quality and tests of reading of translations of Danish efficiently. Our quality and verification of pre-publication in all languages procedures ensure professional publications, both if you need precision or translation of co-creation, freestyle. We can guarantee that you won’t have to pay for the translation of a phrase more than once. We have large databases that maintain the translation of phrases and common sayings in Danish language and other languages.

Our experienced staff of Danish translation will translate your material with speed and skill so that you can use to help clients market to more consumers or simply reach out and touch those of the other market. Our linguists will work together to ensure that the Danish project has been perfected to ensure its reputation. At Pangeanic, we will work to give you a quick translation turned at a very competitive price.


Danish is spoken by approximately 6 million people, mostly located in Denmark. There is also a region in the North of Germany, who speaks Danish as a main language, as well as several communities in parts of Scandinavia, Greenland, North America and the South. Denmark is, indeed, a language of Northern Germany, related with the Swedish, Icelandic and Norwegian.

The Dane is a language that uses the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet in its core with other three letters added. It is also in many English place names ending in – gate, – toft and – Thorpe.

The speakers of Swedish and Norwegian are able to understand Danish and vice versa. Although it is said that Norwegian speakers are best placed to understand the other two languages.


The Danish language has its roots in the old Eastern Ncordico spoken during the middle ages between the 9-11 centuries. In the following centuries, until 15, it was developed in the peninsula of Denmark with a merger with the Swedish and then trasmutó in the modern Danish since 1800. There are many words ‘ borrowed ‘ in the language Danish taken from the French, English and of course of the German.

The Bible was translated for the first time in Denmark in 1550 and Danish literature boasts of famous authors who include Hans Christian Anderson and Karl Adolph Gjellerup.


Data Historical on the Marketing

Marketing is a action that takes place in a social environment, between persons or entities with an economic and administrative purpose, where both parties, by an exchange of interests, get what they want.


Other definitions of marketing

Different authors have made their contribution to the concept of marketing, referring is to it of various forms, but related between them. You mention two of them.

  • Plan to follow to make a company reach their sales, goals or strategies based on an analysis of what the customer wants to get ahead needs. (Jerome McCarthy)
  • Marketing is a kind of battle, where the rival–companies in the same industry – compete including analyzing each other, displaying its strengths and weaknesses, in order to find the best way to attack and an excellent defense, where the prize will be the customers.

About marketing

This practice, also most known as Marketing, is the sum of all the above mentioned features. All provide a point of view especially but by itself alone are incomplete to cover this broad concept, since we will finally understand by marketing that:

It is a process that consists of the articulation and direction of strategic actions to create a quite saleable product (i.e., be necessary and having value), this includes generating effective communication between consumer and enterprise, managing relationships, finally obtaining an entity with profits and satisfied customers.

What includes or may include marketing.

  • Analysis of the market and the competition
  • Determination of the product
  • Qualities
  • Value
  • Message to send to the consumer
  • Mechanism to send the message
  • How to distribute the product.

Data historical on the marketing

It marketing is very old, while not existed a University that created them professional that today exist, itself had experts and shrewd traders and men with vision outstanding to which is les made case, because had a species of capacity for them business quite remarkable. In the United States were called “Masters of company”, an example was Henry Ford.

Seeing that this was a subject that reported apparent profits and that required a management system, created what is the area of sales within companies, where dedicated staff and resources for the planning, management and operations, advancing up to understand that all strategies should guide the customer, based on their needs and putting them.

It is the 80’s when the thrust had changed to more competition, this being the aim of the companies, as if it were a war. This became known as Marketing.

But if we go back to the beginning, we will understand the evolution of marketing. Everything begins from 1800 to 1920 the where marketing was geared to production, since all that was made was immediately sold and there was no excessive variety or competition. The -demand was always greater that the offer. Subsequently, the crisis lived in parts of Europe and the United States, made to turn, everything was now focused on sale, otherwise production could bring many losses and stagnating market.

Thanks to theorists and university studies, was that the marketing process took as fundamental itself, giving way to the Marketing in 1950.

Today, what predominates is the system one by one, where the important thing is to sell to each person in particular from computerized information from databases.

Types of marketers

Conventional: they are those who adhere to traditional media, usually have been trained low these paradigms and although they have witnessed social and computer changes, remain relatively faithful to the television, radio, press or related.

Brand: he is an expert in branding, making a company reach your particular, noteworthy and personal logo within the community of consumers.

Internet: if in something is handled, is in the platforms of the cyberspace, already be web pages or any other instrument related. Also known as Marketing online.

Social networks: Today social networks are the lives of the people and it is one of the most important means of communication, since it is here where people find the means to broadcast information and receive it. If like that your company evolves and is in mouth of all, this is the way to send it en masse of user in user.

Communicator: have the ability to sell unless the consumer realizes.

Researcher: applied research and the rules of this discipline.

Visionary: advances to the needs of consumers.

Business Translation Services

Business Translation Services

Talked by the a large number of individuals over the globe, English is a standout among-st the most broadly utilized dialects on the planet. In the present time, learning of English makes you equipped for speaking with the half of the number of inhabitants on the planet. Details uncover that English is the principal dialect of around four hundred million individuals, while one out of each four individuals on the planet imparts in English.It is additionally the dialect of the media and web. You can purchase just English dialect daily papers and magazines in all aspects of the world. There are around 80% web clients who impart in English.

English is additionally the primary dialect of most noticeable associations around the globe and is one of six authority dialects of the United Nations. Such hugeness of English in the worldwide environment makes it best dialect of the worldwide organizations. By and by, a large portion of the organizations need to receive all rewards of globalization and it is just conceivable by wiping out dialect hindrances. Since, it is hard to contract multi dialect staffs; the vast majority of the organizations want to contract business interpretation administrations.
The vast majority of the associations around the globe employ English interpretation administration to globalize their business. There are many rumored firms giving business interpretation administrations to help organizations found around the world. It is constantly better to contract experts for business interpretation. However, English is a worldwide dialect yet its utilization incredibly changes from nation to nation. There is a critical variety between English utilized as a part of UK, USA, Canada and numerous different nations. In spite of the fact that the composed types of the English utilized as a part of various nations shift little in its fundamental components, the talked types of the dialect differ significantly as influenced by tongue advancement in the midst of segregated populaces.
Proficient interpretation firms are productive in interpretation of dialect according to its variety utilized as a part of a specific nation. For instance, if your focused on crowd is in London, the firm will give English interpretation benefit according to British English and if your focused on customer is in California, the firm will give you benefits according to American English.
There are numerous expert interpretation firms in creating nations offering business interpretation administrations at focused costs. Outsourcing interpretation administrations to such firms empower your business to get advantages of aggressive interpretation administrations at moderate costs.
Also Science Articles, by designating obligation of interpretation to proficient firm will permit you to focus on your center business exercises?